Project 3


Production Throwing
5 forms Project 3

-Identify 5 forms that you will focus on in the future that represent your body of work.
-Create these forms as a series that has a strong relationship between the formal elements of the lip, rim, handle, spout, etc.  Unify the forms with surfaces decoration.

Objective: Create a cohesive body of work using the techniques you have learned in previous demonstrations that relate to your artist statement.

Identify the forms of your focus for personal expression and identify them by use.  Example: Mug, Pitcher, Teapot, Jar, Butter dish. Plate, flower brick, etc.

Make several sketches of that explore these forms and draw them with unified formal elements as well as decorative elements.
Produce 4 of each of the 5 forms 20 pieces total.  All pieces should look unified and as if they are a set for presentation.

Discuss the drawings you have made with your instructor before beginning

All pieces should employ the use of surface decoration in an effort to show the content you are injecting into the work.


-        -Take your time when decorating the surface of your pieces.
-        -Ask Jake how you can find a glaze formula that explores possibilities outside the shop glaze options.