Project 2


Problem: Create 4 large pieces using composite sectional throwing or the coil and throw method.

Objective: Learn the basic technique for producing large scale forms on the wheel, to become familiar with coil and thrown technique as well as sectional composite construction of wheel thrown forms.

Make several sketches of that explore variations in larger wheel thrown form for expression of your personal aesthetic. 

Produce 4 pieces that all have different variations on using the surface as a “canvas” for personal expression.  You may use the coil and throw method or the thrown composite/sectional method, but all four pieces must be at least 20 inches tall.

Discuss the drawings you have made with your instructor before beginning

Pay attention to the timing when deciding to add or join pieces. 

All pieces should employ the use of slip for surface decoration in the leather hard state.


-Do not allow water to collect on the surface of the clay while throwing at any time.

-Make several passes over the surface of your form with a rib to compress joining and connection points.

-Use multiple colors of slip to decorate your pieces.

Video Links:
Examples of Coil and Throw Technique: 

Michael Garlitz

Sara Kaspar
large composite forms by Don Reitz