Project 1

Problem: Create a series of sets that display strong design relationships between all the pieces included and experimentation of form.

Objective: Utilize basic design ideas behind making resolved utilitarian objects, to become familiar with how the principals of design can be applied to create unity within a set, and to develop a personal style that is unique to your approach in throwing through study of contemporary form.

Identify several art styles or movements that interest you with regard to design.
Find several sets made by contemporary clay artists that have unified design relationships.
Analyze the formal components that you feel define personal style of each of these artists.

Make several sketches of that explore variations in the idea of a serving  set focusing on the relationship of the handles, lips, feet, and other components of the vessel.

Produce 4 sets of 8 pieces that display a different design in each set. (28 pieces total) All of these sets must have formal vessel components that relate.


Discuss the drawings and studies you have made with your instructor before beginning

Make sets include elements of handles and lids for advanced efforts in interaction with the viewer.

All pieces should be made with a strong design relationship between the lip, foot, and profile/thickness of the handles.

Consider stylistic approaches that reflect historical or contemporary trends.


-Sharp edges and cracks will merit down grading of the project.

-Ask questions so your instructor can address specific challenges you may encounter.

-Utilize all of the given class time for working on the project and have all work completed for the prescribed critique date

Jason Snelson

student work by Sarah Kaspar
Jake Allee